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Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Provision of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: A Survey of Knowledge, Engagement, and Perceptions

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Research/Evidence Reviews
University of Michigan School of Public Health
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This project explores if the passing of CARA has encouraged more NPs and PAs to apply for a buprenorphine waiver as well as perceived barriers to applying for the buprenorphine waiver and prescribing MAT. It provides a better understanding of how the roles and responsibilities of NPs and PAs have changed since CARA was signed into law. This approach helps understand differences in NP and PA roles and responsibilities across time, as well as differences in who has applied for a buprenorphine waiver and those that have not.

Behavioral health workforce recruitment and retention
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
Opioid Prescribing Guidelines
Opioid use disorder (OUD)
Overdose Prevention and Reversal
Patient-Centered Care
Substance use disorder (SUD)
Workforce Development/Provider Training and Capacity Building